First Fashion Moment Comments

After watching the other fashion moment videos, I was a little surprised. I thought more people would have said they had their first fashion moment at a very young age like I did. There were at least two other people that said they were in elementary school when they realized fashion mattered, and one girl said fashion has always been something that seemed important to her. One person said she was around the age of four or five and she remembered fighting her mom about the pants she wanted to wear. I can relate to this situation. I have memories of myself around the age of four or five fighting my mom on what I was going to wear to school. It was a constant battle every morning before school and I feel a connection with the girl who told the story about her green trousers.

I also noticed two of the guys had their first fashion moment later in life. One said he had his first fashion moment in high school and the other said his first fashion moment was in junior high. I think this is interesting because it shows how at the age when cliques start to form in school, that’s when a lot of people start to realize how clothes can become more of a social symbol and are suddenly more than just clothes.


2 thoughts on “First Fashion Moment Comments

  1. I think I’m one of those for who clothing importance became an issue later. When I was little I was too worried about playing not necessarily what I’m wearing while getting messy in the yard. I do have a little cousin who would turn a simple scarf into a different dresses, while playing dress up. I also agree that most of fashion concern comes when people join cliques.

  2. Do you think that social expectations of girls affect the age that they had their first fashion moment (in contrast to the guys who have later memories?)

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