Blogg 6 The first fashion moments

The first fashion moments!

One of my first fashion related memories are when I got new jeans with red seams and zippers on the back pockets. This was around 1959-1960 and I called the jeans „rock jeans“. This was not only influenced by me getting jeans for the first time but also influence from Presley and the rock time period, the songs that were playing on the radio. This is a very strong memory, I lived in the country side and the fashion were saw/experienced there was probably a year behind the fashion in Reykjavik.

The first video I listened to was the story from a girl who also had memories of jeans. She was not allowed to wear them in school because she was supposed to look in a way so that people would take her seriously. She was in a privat school in 3rd grade and they had school uniforms. If I recall correctly then all the kids in my elementary school got the same kind of sweaters one year (ca. 1960+). These were school-sweaters, blue with wite stripes on the collar. I have in common with this girl a fashion related memory about jeans. I was however allowed to wear mine in school but she wasn‘t. It is probably not only the Atlantic ocean between us but also several decades between our age. 🙂

The second video that I listened to was the story from a girl (in 3rd grade) that took very much notice of what here seven year old, older sister was wearing because she wanted to be like her. Here fashion influences come from her older sister. I remember similar things because I took notice of what my sister  (she was older then me) was wearing and also my cousin who I thought was a very fashionable lady. I don‘t mention that in the video because I don‘t connect this directly to jeans.

The third video I listened to was the story from a girl who had always been interested in fashion and clothes. She found it interesting to see who her friends grandmother was dressed. The grandmother was never wearing the same clothes twice or the same outfit and this girl decided to be like her friends grandmother. I don‘t remember to have had such a strong influence by someones style that I wanted to be exactly like that person, at least not consciously, so this is different from my memories of fashion.


2 thoughts on “Blogg 6 The first fashion moments

  1. How does fashion affect our personal identity? How do our memories of fashion affect how we interact with it now?

  2. I think we bring our memories from the young years with us to all ages as well as our taste (taste for clothes and everything ales) is always in our minds, from the beginning of live to the end of it

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