#6 The Scene

In the three videos that i watched, I found similarities and differences from my own experience. The first difference that I noticed was the age at which everyone realized fashion was important. For 2 out of the 3 videos i watched, the age at which they noticed the importance of fashion was after the age of 12. My own experience was much earlier in life at around the age of 6 or 7. Another thing i noticed was that everyone has a different meaning of “importance” and most of the time they felt like the importance in the fashion was the image that they were projecting towards others. To me, fashion is an outlet of expressing yourself and rather than putting you into a group or click, i think the importance is in making yourself an individual. One similarity all of the videos had was that everyone is currently interested in fashion and their experiences of how “important” fashion is has left a lasting impression. They also all seem to have a broader view and more understanding of what they were truly experiencing now that they have looked back on them.


3 thoughts on “#6 The Scene

  1. I think part of understanding it now is a testament to the statement “hindsight is 20/20”. Many of us it seems talked about experiences during our childhoods and we are all now young adults who know more today so it makes sense that we understand what we experienced than we did in the moment.

  2. To quote Karl “the fear of being/ the fear of not being” – that is the question.
    This struggle between publicness and authenticity/individuality. To stand out or blend in.
    I think when we are young we struggle with this a lot more than we do later on. Maybe it is because we haven’t “found” ourselves quite yet. And so, maybe, because we don’t really know who we are yet we tend to get more drawn to the “publicness”.
    I don’t think you stand alone and decide who you are. I think the environment has an influence. And at an age when everything happens so fast. -all of a sudden you stop liking pony’s and start liking the power puff girls or stop listening to the Beatles and start listening to Queen.- It’s easy to get swept into thinking: “what do other people think of me” because the fact is you don’t know what to think of yourself.

  3. How do our life experiences shape our memory of important events? How does our idea of fashion affect what our first “fashion moments” are?

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