“The Scene” & connectivity between peers

Immediately upon watching the “first fashion moments” of three other of my peers it was clear that there were several underlying themes and desires.  I feel that for all, a wanting to be “different” was a major concept in that finding an article of clothing that is unlike any other can speak to you.  This desire to stand out with an item or style that not everyone has is closely linked to the feeling of exclusivity where you gain personal satisfaction from wearing it because of the “I have it and no one else does” mentality.  This ultimately leads to a more trendy fashion sense as I caught wind of from the videos where it becomes important to keep up with the current styles, and by doing this one can feel more luxurious as well.  Yet with this I also saw the deeper need to fit in to whatever lifestyle you wanted to be a part of.  When you “buy into” a particular brand you are also in a sense buying into that lifestyle.  Whether it be fitting into a clique in high school or working with a targeted clothing market, the desire to become a part of it is often a major drive when it comes to a personal sense of style and the items you will then purchase thereafter.  Overall, there is the general idea that clothes can define who you are as a person in society and whether your goal is to defy the norms or to fit in, one can be sure that discovering your own fashion sense can be a truly defining moment indeed.


3 thoughts on ““The Scene” & connectivity between peers

  1. I like that you bring up how fashion can kind of serve as a way for us to be individuals and breaks “norms”, yet at the same time we all have some kind of underlying desire to fit in as well. Your point about buying a lifestyle along with your clothes is also very good! This is something I actually think about a lot and I often catch myself wanting to buy certain things fashion or not based more on the lifestyle idea associated with them.

  2. How do you think the situation (fashion majors in a class together) related to people’s stories? Would this model hold up with a different demographic?

  3. I feel that as fashion majors we may have a closer connection to the clothes we wear in that we are more aware of the way clothing can effect how others perceive us. I know that there are other people that don’t really take that notion of fashion into consideration. Overall however, one cannot deny that the clothing we put on our backs has a major effect on the way we automatically judge one another; and that doesn’t change with a different demographic. Having the right ensemble for either work related purposes or for going out can, and does have major impacts on the type of people and experiences that we attract.

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