Local Vs Global 2

When we met in groups in class the other day I realized how similar this world of fashion really is. In my discussion group I had someone writing about the celebrity effect for the end of term paper and another writing about the performance world and I am doing London Street fashion. When we started talking about our three different topics we couldn’t find much difference in regards to the zeitgeist map. One of the main things that connect all three of our topics is the media. If we didn’t have media we wouldn’t know what celebs are wearing, we wouldn’t know what people on the streets of London are wearing when we are in the United States, and we would have no idea about the performance world. Technology plays such a huge role in today’s world so it makes it hard to separate local and global fashion because we can always find out what is going on in fashion in the rest of the world by going online. We no longer have to be somewhere to know what the fashion is so it is hard to individualize local and global fashion.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 6.21.39 PM

An example of always knowing what is going on in the fashion world is this picture from the Vivienne Westwood Red Label collection, which was shown in London fashion week yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Local Vs Global 2

  1. I am also writing about the topic of celebrity fashion so it will be interesting to see the different views we take in our papers

  2. Keep in mind that it is the speed of our modern media which makes such an impact, we’ve been sharing fashion information for a very long time now. Will global and local separate into high fashion and street fashion? Are the lines blurring?

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