The US is a leading world country and thus it can be assumed that fashion is definitely included in the mix.  From a whole range of styles and fabrics that are pulled from every part of the globe, to the merging of these styles to make fashion that is truly unique. Or is it? We take so many ideas from many cultures around the globe and thus it becomes difficult to define what is a global fashion and what is a local fashion.  And what happens when we deem something a fashion that is not considered to be as superficial as we make it out to be? Controversy results.  Celebrities and major fashion designers are often, and especially in recent years, of incorporating various cultural elements into more “cool” and “modern” interpretations.  Examples range from notable celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian to major fashion houses to the liking of Chanel.  Below are a couple articles worth checking out of the potential drawbacks and controversies than can result from these uses.





3 thoughts on “LOCAL VS GLOBAL 2 II

  1. Another example of this would be from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (though if that’s really a “fashion show” is a whole other story. They had looks representing each month and for November they had a model in a Native American themed lingerie costume complete with headdress. This look was taken out of the televised event but the pictures are still online.

  2. Oh, wow, just looked that up where Karlie Kloss wore it in the 2012 show. Being an extremely publicized event it’s no wonder they pulled it from the TV recorded version at least. There is no way for something like that to escape leaking onto social media though for all to see!

  3. Why does the US being a global leader require the assumption that they are also a fashion leader?
    Also, what is the line between cultural appropriation and global inspiration?

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