Local vs. Global II

Focusing more on my EOT paper and its relation to local vs. global fashion I realized that fashion YouTuber’s are truly representations of locality projected globally.  Fashion YouTubers come from all around the world and while they may have things in common in regards to fashion there are obviously going to be a lot of differences as well.  These differences could very well be the representation of “local fashion” and ideas.  So when they share these “local fashions” on YouTube they immediately reach a global audience and translate something local to something global instantly.  So with this you have people in America interested in British fashions or Korean makeup brands etc.  And the same can be said the other way around.  Subscribes are influenced by their favorite YouTuber’s and this interest causes local and global fashion to mix and spread at a fast rate.


One thought on “Local vs. Global II

  1. Great connection! Consider all of the elements and factors that can be found on the zeitgeist map that have made this possible. Does this contribute to our zeitgeist?

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