Local vs. Global II

I think that the “world” of off-price fashion falls into the local category rather than the global category. It is true that there is an abundance of off-price stores like T.J.Maxx, Marshalls, and Homegoods all over the U.S. There are also off-price stores in other countries. For instance, London has it’s own version of T.J.Maxx called T.K.Maxx. From this, we can conclude that TJX Company has dominated the market for off-price fashion. Some may argue that because TJX is a worldwide company, that off-price fashion is, in fact, a part of the global “world” of fashion and that my argument is obsolete. This may be true, however, in my “world” of fashion, off-price fashion seems to be part of the local “world”. I feel this way because even though there are off-price fashion retail stores worldwide, it seems to be the thing thall shall not speak of in the world of high fashion. The media doesn’t want to make it known to the world that you can get a $500 Michael Kors bag for $180 at Marshalls. The Michael Kors brand would quickly lose its prestige and soon would no longer be regarded as a high class luxury brand that we see in Vogue and Marie Claire. The off-price stores are at convenient locations in small communities for locals to stop by and pick up extremely discounted designer brands. The off-price stores do not receive a lot of hype from world-wide media and this is why I would consider it to be in the local “world” of fashion.



2 thoughts on “Local vs. Global II

  1. I really like the thought that something which is global could be perceived as local in regards to the people actually experiencing it. Something so clearly global like off price retailers and TJX is kind of shunned by the industry, so it’s left for consumers to interpret as local. This just goes to show that a lot about fashion is up to ones perception. Someone shopping at T.J.Maxx is experiencing a local fashion experience but someone working there is striving to create a globalized company, which as you pointed out is something they’ve succeeded at.

  2. How do the TJX stores compare to department stores, which offer non-name brands, or non-luxury name brands? Do the same items show up in all of the off-price retailers? Or is it the variation that helps make them a “local” entity?

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