The golden wool age

I thought it was very interesting to hear Ásdís talk about the golden age of wool clothing here in Iceland before ca. 1980. I hadn’t realized that this industry had gotten so big and that the Icelandic look became a trend in Europe and further. Sadly it all came to an end when the fashion market changed and most of the industry moved to Asia and Icelandic wool garments became to expensive to compete with the mass made clothes from Asia and also new materials like fleece. Icelandic wool has had his comeback over the last few years and it probably holds hands with what we have already talked about in the Zeitgeist analysis on Iceland: the purity, DIY element, looking back and using pure Icelandic. Who knows, maybe a new golden age filled with wool will appear someday like a newborn lamb on a green field.



3 thoughts on “The golden wool age

  1. I think it is also an important point that Ásdís made about how you can see the whole process of the wool, from the sheep to the sweater in Iceland. I wonder if that can be a major factor in marketing of the Icelandic wool in foreign markets. I do think that people would like to be able to buy clothing that they know exactly where the fabrics came from.

  2. In the US there has been a movement towards more “natural” products, food, beauty, fashion as well as a DIY movement. Perhaps with the right marketing Icelandic wool could gain a foothold here.

    Can this industry overcome the pressures of fast fashion? Is there a way to keep up with fast fashion? Could Icelandic wool re-market to become a luxury item?

  3. Maybe in the future people can buy a wool sweater and read about the sheep/farm that it was made/came from, I think that would be really cool, like some restaurants in the USA where you can read about the bull you are eating or know about the farm and life on that farm where your chicken ran free before becoming your meal. That kind of organic culture and interest in where things come from and how they are treated.

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