Local vs. Global

I think it is really interesting how depending on where you are the same company will carry different things. A store like H&M for example will most likely have different merchandise in a store in Boston than a store in London. This one store chose to display different merchandise in two different cities in two different countries because the consumer in each of these places wants different things. These are two cities that are very far and very different from each other. I think it is interesting that H&M may chose to put different merchandise in their Warwick and their Providence store as well. Even though these are two cities in the same state the store finds it necessary to display different merchandise. This is an example of how fashions globally are different than local fashions because the trends in Europe are obviously different than trends in the US and stores are responding to that.


3 thoughts on “Local vs. Global

  1. I had a similar conversation a few years ago, and we were trying to figure out what kind of demographic Rhode Island was. We have such a melding of beach life, city life, and country life that it is hard to choose one to represent us.

  2. I think H&M is a topic just in it self. We don’t have any H&M in Iceland but Icelanders are crazy for it when shopping abroad. We don’t have Mcdonalds anymore and also there is no Starbucks.

  3. How different is the merchandise? Are they all clearly “H&M”? If so, is that connecting factor what makes them global? Or are they simply a large adaptable company, and each market is unconnected?

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