Generational Shift

One factor of the zeitgeist map that I keep returning to is the generational shifts.  I think this holds part of the key to what fashion is today and what it will be in the future.  The way each generation views dress has changed through the years.  Women of the past would seldom dare to leave the house unkempt, but women today have made their daily activities part of their wardrobe.  To see a person in their exercise clothes has actually become more common than seeing someone who matches their shoes with their bag and their lipstick.  Does our generation care more or less about our image than our mothers’ generation?


2 thoughts on “Generational Shift

  1. I think this is very interesting. I think your last sentence “does our generation care more or less about our image than our mothers generation?” is a interesting point. Are we wearing gym clothes more often because we don’t care or because we do care about our bodies and our overall appearances?

  2. What is the image that people are trying to project? How often do people wear gym clothes because they have just left the gym vs. wanting to APPEAR like they have just been to the gym. Being “made up” projects an image, it has social cues and meaning. Do cultural shifts impact what the most important social cues are?

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