Local Vs Global

After the last class discussion about Local vs Global fashion I think it’s safe to say you can’t say there is a local or global “fashion” especially in today’s generation where the internet gives such a great access to fashion around the world. Every neighborhood, town, city, state, country, continent has a point of view or idea about what fashion looks and is. Groups of people are all different whether it be because or race, gender, religion, morals, or values these things have a great impact on how people chose to dress for example people who are more religious and perhaps more conservative wont dress like someone who isn’t as religious might not dress as conservative, my point is we cant say there is a black and white with out emphasizing there is also a gray area when it comes to this topic.


2 thoughts on “Local Vs Global

  1. I agree with this and its kind of what I was trying to relate to in my blog post about local and global. The views on fashion vary and are different in all cultures and places making it hard to relate together with global similarities. People in their own cultures and systems will relate and wear clothing the way they want to. The internet is just a source to see what the rest of the world is wearing but still these other cultures and countries have their personal or local view on fashion and that is how it will stay in my eyes.

  2. Local could mean anything, it could be a physical location or a social group. You can never find patterns if you look at everyone, there will always be out-liers – does this mean that there are no patterns? Could global fashion be the way that all of the local fashions interact?

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