Local vs. Global

I mentioned in class that local fashion may be more connected to an idea of physical interactions while global fashion may be more connected to digital interactions.  I meant this in terms of how we are exposed to fashion, how we purchase fashion, and ultimately how were interacting with other people.  I see this as a difference between the two but there is also a similarity here because we interact on a digital level locally as well.

We use technology frequently in a more local sense as well but this may relate more to a local fashion whereas global technology perhaps lends itself more to the influences of “global fashion” whatever that may mean.  What I’m finding here is that there are similarities within the differences and vice versa.  This makes me think that global and local in fashion are merging together.  This could very well be the future of fashion, we’re seeing more and more interaction and between local and global as well as experiencing a blurring of what separates the two in fashion at least.


2 thoughts on “Local vs. Global

  1. I really like this idea of physical interactions vs digital interactions. It’s very similar to my thoughts about local and global fashion and I think that in a way it makes local fashion seem less “local” and more a piece of “global”. It really makes you realize how much technology has influenced modern day in many ways specifically fashion.

  2. Great point! Would someone down the block who you interact with on a digital platform be part of that “global” discussion? Does someone need to be part of the digital world to be part of our global world?

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