Icelandic Design for the World

Fashion as art is a thought that I like. On Monday Feburary the 16th, Ásdís Jóelsdóttir lector came in class and went over the history of fashion and design in Iceland. It was an interesting lecture and opened on many thoughts about how fashion is connected to politics and economics of the whole world.

By the end of the lecture she mentioned how Icelandic clothing design is used nowadays to represent Iceland and Icelandic design and art. Ásdís connected this to the fact that it is easier to travel with clothes than with a painting. Fashion is now shown in museums like other design and art. Hönnunarmiðstöð Íslands (Icelandic Design Centre)  is a centre that helps Icelandic designers to get into foreign markets.

If you click here and select “Fatahönnun / Textílhönnun” you can see the various Icelandic fashion designers that Hönnunarmiðstöð is promoting. Since they are helping fashion designers as well as other artists and designers it is obvious that they have faith in Icelandic fashion design becoming an international sales product.


2 thoughts on “Icelandic Design for the World

  1. Hi,

    One time during class, Karl discussed this matter of fashion being art as well. It used to be that museums were for paintings and sculptures. Now designers make amazing shows showing off their designs. Few years ago I went to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition and it wasn’t just a regular museum exhibition it was a whole show. There were mannequins that were made to look like him with his face projected onto the mannequin’s face. He was talking to visitors and making jokes. It was obvious that much thought went into the whole production. I think he really made art out of clothing with that show.

  2. Is fashion only art? Or is art a part of fashion? Do all the creative disciplines (music, art, fashion, etc) overlap?

    There are many museums that have embraced fashion as art (a lot of textile conservation jobs are at art museums working on clothing.) We have changed the way we look at the world – where will we go from here?

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