Global (Western) | Local

In my head it makes sense that there is (or should be) the IT for global or worldly fashion. When I think global fashion, I think “a fashion element that is present in all countries”. Well that’s impossible because countries have different values, traditions, economies, which all result in different clothing. So this is where I’m stuck in my head. I don’t think it’s fair to exclude a country because it’s different. If I think of global strive to clean air, I wouldn’t exclude China, because they pollute the most. Since I’m still working this out and wrapping my head around the meaning of “global” I can substitute the word global for “western” because I can find a common thread there.

The value that the western style portrays is “who are you wearing”? Brand names and excess of goods is desired. These two traits often collide because not everyone can afford excess of Versace dresses. Cheaper retails are quick to copy popular designs in order to satisfy that desire to own a lot. I think that for us, this western style is also local, but our local style is not necessarily western. (Why am I confusing myself! & you!)



One thought on “Global (Western) | Local

  1. Why does the western global/local dominate? Is it because we are part of the audience so we see it’s influence? Could there be elements or concepts (zeitgeist) that might not look the same but are applicable globally? What is “local?”

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