Local vs Global fashions

It is interesting to note that there are often vast differences in fashions around the world that very based on the local demographic, culture, and socio-economic status of the people who live there.  One can possibly take into account that people around a college campus such as URI may dress “sloppier” or in a less put together way than they would if they were attending a school in mid-town Manhattan.  It is also important to notice the shrinking gaps within fashion differences where more and more styles are becoming available to a larger group of people with the addition of mass media and the promotion of fast fashion brands such as H&M or Zara that are becoming increasingly affordable for many around the world.  To simply put, cultural barriers in a way are breaking down as someone in Los Angeles can know what the newest fashion is in Hong Kong or Moscow if they simply google it.  There are, however, exceptions with fashions that may fly under the radar or even go unseen, but I feel that with the pushing of multimedia to all parts of the globe will be soon to diminish or uncover the mystery that is the “unseen.”


One thought on “Local vs Global fashions

  1. It is very easy to see fashions from other parts of the world. How often does that influence the local? How does that open communication shape local and global fashion?

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