Local vs. Global

I think local fashion and global fashion have many similarities, but they also have many differences. It’s true that media and today’s technology has created more similarities between local and global fashion. However, the styles you see people wearing in your small community in Kingston, Rhode Island is often drastically different than the styles you see people wearing in Paris, France. This can often be due to demographics. Age, income, climate, education, etc. can create differences between local and global fashion. For example, people who live in Manhattan, NY most likely dress differently than people who live in a lower rent area where people have a lower income. Cultural differences can also lead to more of a contrast between local fashion and global fashion. For instance, people in Paris don’t usually show their bare legs. Instead, they tend to wear tights with skirts and dresses, and sometimes even shorts. This is much different than our culture here in the U.S. People in the U.S. are not shy about showing skin, and it is not unusual to wear a dress or a skirt without tights. Skirt hems are often longer than hems in the U.S. The French tend to be a little more modest than Americans. In other words, social media and today’s technology is what has made the gray area between local and global fashion much larger than it used to be, but demographics and culture are responsible for the differences.

Paris 2014

Paris 2014


One thought on “Local vs. Global

  1. This compares two local style, how do they interact with each other? Would either be part of a “global” fashion? Are they both global? Are neither global? What is global?

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