Local vs. Global

I like the idea that between local and global fashions there is a middle point where things transition from either a local fashion to a global fashion or vice versa. However, I think that everything from socio-economic status to climate, to social media determine what your “local” is. Local is no longer your geographical location it is a mix of that plus who you associate with, who you idolize, and your principles. For example what people are wearing in the north east may be similar to what people are wearing in the UK because of similar climates. If you narrow that to socio-economic standing and age group the styles will probably become even more similar and specific to each group. Now if you took it one more step and grouped them based off of what they follow on social media their closests might start to look identical. All of these things no matter where we are in the world can create a science as to what people wear not only in that immediate area but all over the world.


2 thoughts on “Local vs. Global

  1. Reading your post raised a question: How much does climate influence what we wear? I think the simple answer is that, it influences our clothing decisions a lot, because in winter we dress warmer in summer we dress lighter (Rhode Island weather). But fashion is not just clothing, so where and how does that more influence our decisions? I dont know, if you have a thought or an idea I’d love to hear it.

  2. And how much do we ignore climate to embrace fashion? Think Uggs in California while it’s still 80* out. Can you think of times when you were improperly dressed for the weather because you really wanted to wear something that day?

    Think about the Icelandic wool sweaters, they have combined their climate and fashion. Is the climate influence what keeps their fashion from becoming global?

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