Local Vs. Global

I think the main difference between local and global fashion is people’s attitudes. When you walk around campus or even go into town everyone is dressed the same. People around here do not take the extra time in the morning to make an outfit, to do their makeup, or even their hair. Everyone dresses in this basic careless look. Here in Rhode Island fashion and style is not important to many people so a lot of people feel comfortable wearing jeans on a daily basis or even wear sweatpants out and about. Recently, I was in Europe and the fashion was completely different than what it was here. People in Europe seem to care a lot more about what they look like and they take the extra time each day to put them together. Women are walking around in heels and full makeup everywhere they go and men are wearing nice tailored suits, something you would never see here in Rhode Island. In Europe people dress up to go food shopping while in Rhode Island it is acceptable to go food shopping in sleepwear. I think Europe is a much more fashion-focused place and this is why people’s attitudes are so different from here in RI.


2 thoughts on “Local Vs. Global

  1. I think it is important to consider where in Europe you were. For example, here in Rhode Island not many people are fashion consious however, in New York a majority of the poplulation are fashion focused. I think that cities tend to be more concerened with their apperarnce than the rural areas are. Most of that has to do with their ways of life. Here in Rhode Island most people don’t have corporate jobs compared to in the city where almost everyone does.

  2. What influences peoples attitudes? For many people I know the “careless” look is carefully put together. If the dominant attitude is to look like you are not trying – why? How does a relatively isolated campus compare to a campus in a city, such as Boston? What factors influence what people wish to present to the world?

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