Local vs Global

I really don’t believe there is a difference between local and global in terms of fashion.  I believe in terms of fashion it is only local with no global. we live in a world that is separated by countries and inside those countries are states and inside those states are cities.  Each place usually has there own views on local style. the location is different but every place usually has their own local idea on clothing in terms of fits, fads and classics.  The style will differ depending on where we are located. But in that space the idea and perspective on fashion is only local.  Globally, the world as stated before, is separated into countries and states and cities.  However, all these places have their own points of view on fashion. There is no global view or global style. Sure, Jeans are used most likely globally. However, the style in which jeans are worn and what they are worn with differs depending on the local style of which ever city or state or country one may reside in.  But inside countries, the styles differ as well to the local origin and their personal fashion perspective.  I see global as the world as one. But with such differing views throughout this world on fashion, I do not believe a global perspective takes place.


2 thoughts on “Local vs Global

  1. I disagree that there isn’t a global influence. Although we are separated by physical borders, technology and the internet has broken down different kinds of barriers that allow the world interact on a global scale. I do think that it is a personal choice whether or not you let your own style be influenced by foreign forces.

  2. What is part of the “global” discussion? Think of all of the “non-western” cultures who have developed vastly different norms for fashion and style. Where are our borders for local? Does this impact the relationship between local and global?

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