#4 Local vs. Global

The main difference I personally see between the concepts of local and global fashions is the use of the internet. A local fashion is something that someone would see in person or hear about in person via face-to-face communication. A global fashion is something that you see pictures of via the internet or other technology. If someone were to say, “what if someone wearing a global fashion was visiting your local area and you saw them on the street, would that be a local or global fashion?” To me, this would now be a local fashion that someone brought there. Global fashions can easily be adopted by local communities through the internet but local fashions are much less likely to be adopted by a global audience. Has the internet blurred the line between local and global?


2 thoughts on “#4 Local vs. Global

  1. I agree with what you’re saying here about how the use of the internet is a deciding factor in defining a local fashion from a global fashion. My question then is what happens when we use the internet to see what our friends wore in pictures they posted on Facebook or Instagram. Or what about if you draw inspiration from a local blog? How do we define being influenced in a fashion sense through the medium of the internet but the person or group influencing us is technically local. I really think that ideas like that all point to the fact that global and local fashion is merging together to form what will be the future of the fashion industry. You asked if the internet has blurred the line between local and global fashion and I think the answer is absolutely yes. It seems almost impossible to separate some fashion trends now into the category of local or global and sometimes to even recognize where it came from to begin with.

  2. We are part of a global world, is anything local? Trends and fashions starts somewhere, and was likely once “local”. How far away until something is no longer local? We share many of the same influences as Providence or Boston, but if we haven’t personally interacted with these locations are they no longer local?

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