How I see Icelanders and Danes as being different fashion-wise

The biggest different in fashion between Danes and Icelanders must be that Iceland doesn’t have that many highstreet brands – like H&M. It seems like many Icelanders has a more “unique stile” while many people in Denmark kind of look the same – Wearing H & M. Of cause when you google “Iceland + Fashion” you will see a lot of sweaters and wool but I really don’t see that many people wearing Icelandic sweaters here in Reykjavik or at the University. Instead I think that Icelanders are more ‘dressed up’. Many girls is wearing high heals, lipstick and shirts at school which is not than common in Copenhagen. I think that is really nice. In Copenhagen I often have the fear of being ‘too dressed up’ but I don’t think I will have that problem here in Reykjavik.


2 thoughts on “How I see Icelanders and Danes as being different fashion-wise

  1. I think its great that where you are from is it acceptable to be dressed up even when on campus. Here in Rhode Island not many people dress up for school and you won’t see any girls wearing heels to class. If i had my way i would wear heels everywhere i went but it is just not the acceptable thing to do here at URI.

  2. What does “too dressed up” mean? What stops you from dressing like that anyway? What are the social ramifications that stop you? Are there external influences that dictate these fashion styles? What might they be?

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