The more we venture away from our old surroundings the more important they become to us. That’s the underlying theme I felt Steinunn’s presentation last Wednesday followed.

What was interesting to see was her use of different types of fabric to “pay tribute” to her cultural heritage. Her use of the “global” to create the “local”. The culture of the thread.

Her words on the media in Iceland covering fashion were also very interesting. It appears that Iceland still hasn’t produced an article on fashion that has the ability to blow Steinunn’s mind. Could it be that Ásdís was right? That without that further education our vision will forever be limited?


2 thoughts on “naturmystikk

  1. Could the necessary education simply be the ability to recognize limitations and to have the desire and interest to surpass them? What do designers in Iceland need to do to stay true to their heritage and create something new and fascinating?

  2. Both Ásdís og Steinunn spoke about trouble connected to Icelandic designers. Ásdís said it was impossible for uneducated designer to try to sell it, because they would not know how to do it. Maybe it is so, but I think they can too because they can hire educated people to marked their design. Steinunn talked about that the bloggers and writers of articles in papers do not have enough knowledge in the fashion world and I guess she meant the global fashion. Maybe it is so and it would be exciting to do research on that.

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