í norðri

Last Monday’s lecture was very interesting. Ásdís Jóelsdóttir came and told us all about the Icelandic wool industry. Its rise. Its downfall. An interesting history, although a fairly embarrassing one, because Icelanders do tend to put their eggs all in one basket so when things fail they do so fast.

If you aren’t an educated designer you will stagnate.

This statement of hers is something I regret not asking her about last Monday. While I do not necessarily disagree with her words I am not sure I fully agree with them. It could be that I misheard or misunderstood her, and then I hope somebody will correct me. Nevertheless, it is an interesting question to ask. Do you have to be an educated designer in order to escape stagnation? Why? Why not?


2 thoughts on “í norðri

  1. What does she mean by “educated”? Depending on what she considers educated (formally educated vs. questioning and investigating your surroundings), that phrase could have very different meanings. Would you agree with one but not another? Is it perhaps her response to putting all your eggs in one basket?

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