What’s IN fashion?

After yesterday’s discussion, there were many thoughts running through my mind.  I personally am really interested in the economy, so the link that was made in class between politics and the recession to IN fashion was really interesting to me.  I really enjoyed the discussion and it sparked a lot of curiosity.  It made me really wonder how IN fashion was determined before this recession and even earlier during the booming 80s.  Now, people are much more price conscious and I think that IN fashion is more of a style, and less of a brand or specific item like it was especially in the 80s and before the latest recession.  I think that in the 1980’s branding was first introduced and on the rise, resulting in a whole lot of brand name stuff.  Although today many consumers are still in it for the logo, there is a lot less focus on the logo and more focus on the style and the way the outfit is put together, regardless of the brand. I think this all comes down to the lack of exclusivity and how attainable luxury goods have become.  I honestly think that luxury is not really luxury anymore.


One thought on “What’s IN fashion?

  1. There are now so many fashion labels, and branding is done by both “high” and “street” fashion companies. What makes any of these in or out of fashion?

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