What is in Fashion

As stated in class, I believe the slim look that kind of copies the European style of outfit is what Americans are striving for more so than ever.  The idea of being thin and looking good is such a big subject and idea in America.  I bet that over 50% of the new years resolutions in this country had to do with getting in better shape and looking slimmer.  However, becoming slim is not an overnight process so that is where the clothes come in to create the slimmer look during the process. Vertical stripes, the color black, slim straight and skinny jeans, yoga pants, slim V Neck shirts, tailored outerwear, petite dresses and suiting all help create this look of “slim.”  The slim look also creates a taller visual image. Although people do not actually grow when they wear slim clothing (Wish they did in my situation), the tight clothing creates a vertical illusion of a thinner taller figure.  Americans are also obsessed with height so this clothing is in style for both the obsessions in this country.


2 thoughts on “What is in Fashion

  1. Where does the obsession with height and slim lines come from? What does this reflect about our culture? Is the European “slim” style new? Do we follow the Europeans (the majority of the fashion houses are rooted in France and Italy)? Do we influence them?

  2. I believe the obsession comes from just being masculine and feeling like you are more powerful. Models and celebrities lots of times are tall and thing and look amazing so of course we would all want that as well. Europe is the answer. American, all though strong and leading the world in many eyes, gets its fashion inspiration all from Europe. Europe has been supporting the slim look for ages. I do not believe we influence Europe in fashion that much but do believe we influence them in other ways such as sports and music since both are bigger in USA.

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