Local vs National vs Global

During today’s discussion I kept thinking that for many of the topics we brought up it could have been broken down more than just local or global but also national. Maybe that’s the in between that we couldn’t identify or it’s that I don’t like to think in extremes like this exercise required. But for instance when the word politics was brought up this is where my head started breaking everything down in three categories instead of just two.

During class an image from The New Yorker was brought up. A supersized copy of this magazine cover has been hanging in my apartment for as long as I can remember and coincidently it is also hanging in the furnished apartment that my brother just moved into. Apparently it is an important image!

"A View of the World From 9th Avenue"

“A View of the World From 9th Avenue”


3 thoughts on “Local vs National vs Global

  1. I’m glad to see that’s where your head was going, because eventually that’s where we have to get to (and where we began to head toward the end of the class.) It gets infuriating at times, but then that’s also why this is an exciting field to be in. There’s alway another question, another layer, another way to slice it. Each time, we get a little more clarity…
    It occurs to me that “national” may of course be a representation of “local” – but again, very dependent on definitions. This would be a ver interesting thing to explore… How “national” is expressed in current fashions.
    Thanks for the NY view of the world! Very important indeed!

  2. What other ways can we look at these ideas other than extremes? Is it specifically politics that added the national category? Are there other factors that might introduce other layers and categories?

  3. I think it is really interesting how you decided to put it into three sections instead of two. I too was thinking more on the national level when we were talking about politics, and even when it came to pop culture. As I said in my Local Vs. Global post, even just in the entire USA we look at celebrities differently then say in India. Maybe the fashion of celebrities doesnt effect a different country as it does ours.

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