Local vs Global

It was extremely interesting listening to everyone’s ideas on local fashion vs global fashion. As for local, of course fashion would depend on where you live, especially the weather. As we know, the weather is completely different everywhere. For example, right now in the northeast it is snowing at 20 degrees where in California it is 80 degrees and sunny. (you could say I’m a little bit bitter) Anyway, I really liked the idea of “off price fashion” in the local section. It is 100% true that in America (or wherever we consider local around us) we like to search for the best deals on the best brands possible. For example, we have stores like TJ Maxx and Marshalls who carry all sorts of high end fashion brands for discounted prices. Whereas, globally we all around focus on luxury brands. As for global, I think the celebrity culture plays a big role all around the world. But as we discussed in class, what if all places around the world aren’t all trying to dress like the Kardashians. Maybe, they look up to something else for their fashion trends.



2 thoughts on “Local vs Global

  1. You’re definitely right about the role celebrities play in our fashion globally and how it changes when you break it down locally. I really like the way that you compared TJ Maxx and Marshalls on a local level versus the obsession with luxury brands on a global level. I wonder if in other countries they are as into getting a deal/discount on the luxury brands as we are here in America.

  2. Something to consider in the “local”, and what influences the “local”. When my friend moved from Michigan (cold) to California (warm) she was shocked to see that when the autumn months hit people started to layer in fall clothes! While she was still running around in shorts, t-shirts, and occasionally light sweaters in the 60-70 degree weather, she saw many girls don puffy coats, heavy and warm pants, and Ugg boots! Who was influencing this local culture that they dressed for weather they weren’t experiencing?

    Also consider the socio-economic influences of how we shop and what our end goals are in terms of fashion.

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