Fashion In Media

Like I mentioned in my previous post, the media, especially social media, has a large influence on the world of fashion and us as consumers. With today’s social media, we have access to any event, fashion show, or even people walking down the street and we are able to see the fashions of all over the world. My last post focused on the Golden Globes coverage, primarily on the red carpet, on various social media outlets. The massive coverage of events where there are large amounts of celebrities present shows that today’s culture and more specifically fashion is obsessed with celebrities and the easy access to them that social media gives us only makes it stronger.

Here’s an article on the best celebrity Instagram accounts to follow:

“Recent research into the fashion habits of online shoppers found that 67% of people in their twenties followed a celebrity ‘fashion crush’ via social media, compared to 25% of people in their thirties. This trend appeared to impact the following of any fashion brands worn by the celebrity, with 73% of those under 30 using social networks to engage with the associated brands.”

– A quote from an interesting article about how 20 year olds, the rising adults, follow celebrities and brands they like on social media and it’s effect on what they buy/wear.


2 thoughts on “Fashion In Media

  1. those are very interesting statistics. It will be interesting to see how they develop, too. Whether those 20 year-olds will still retain these habits when they’re 25 or 30. (May depend on the technology too, I guess….)

  2. Not only do we have access to information immediately – we have access to LOADS of information. How does the volume affect the fashion world?

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