What’s IN Fashion?

While trying to pinpoint one word or trend to describe what is IN fashion, I am struggling. Although it seems like everyone dresses the same and all wears the same “uniform”, there is still an individuality to it. So to me, the idea of making the uniform unique is what is in fashion.

An example of this would be Alex and Ani bracelets. You see girls wearing multiple bracelets on her arm but each girl is wearing different bracelets and those bracelets have different meanings.

An example of a stack of Alex and Ani bracelets...my collection is not the same!

An example of a stack of Alex and Ani bracelets…my collection is not the same!

Another example of making the uniform unique is monograms. In the past few years the have become popular again in the forms of jewelry and on bags and sweaters. This season Burberry is offering a monogramed Poncho that is extremely popular with celebrities.



To me, what’s in fashion right now is being unique while still following the mainstream trends. Maybe this will lead to a trend where the “uniform” is no more.


3 thoughts on “What’s IN Fashion?

  1. Great blog! I love those bracelet’s, I haven’t seen them in Iceland but I hope they’ll be hear soon. But what I’m wondering is what you said about the meaning behind each bracelet. So if I’m getting this right you buy bracelet’s, each one meaning something and then put them together. So you’re creating this image of yourself through the bracelet’s and putting it forth for other people to see? So your individuality doesn’t get lost but your still within the mainstream fashion.
    That’s pretty brilliant, but you have to be a part of that culture to understand the meaning. Being an outsider myself I wouldn’t have gotten the thought behind the bracelets and thus not have given it a second glance thinking they are all the same. I wouldn’t have understood the individuality within the trend.
    Thick description, man. It’s everywhere!

  2. Another thought! You talk of a trend where the uniform is no more. Where the individuality shines through. Wasn’t that what the Hipsters started out as? They were suppose to be unique no one having the same things. Until it became mainstream to be an “arty hipster”. So maybe were doomed to be in a loop where everything, every unique object will eventually become a trend to such a degree it isn’t unique any more. So we will never be unique individuals, at least not in the long haul when it comes to fashion. Unless we keep changing, always ahead of the curve.
    Ugh, that sounds like a lot of work. but maybe worth it?

  3. Fashion seems to flex and change with the push against the uniform. Fashion leaders and innovators are the ones who do something different and interesting enough that everyone jumps ship to follow and imitate. Where are we in this cycle?

    Keep in mind that, within the US at least, there are many “subcultures” and “uniforms”. (Do those style cycles change in sync with each other? Do they overlap?) What is/was popular when on college campuses can vary by region, what I saw in western Michigan is different from what I see at URI. What are the boundaries for the zeitgeist we are identifying?

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