What’s In Fashion

What is IN fashion right now can vary between nations. It is something that can be unique to each culture. It is also something that can be unique to each time period. It was not long ago that the popular fashion trends of the United States were worlds apart from trends in Europe and galaxies apart from trends in Japan. Today, the U.S., Japan and Western Europe all seem to be on the same page when it comes to what is IN fashion. It is safe to say that media and new technologies had a lot to do with this transition. It is now easier for fashion houses to do business in a variety of countries. After the Internet emerged in full force, fashion houses headquartered in France, like Louis Vuitton for instance, were able to put flagship stores in Japan. Fashion brands also have the ability to spread the word like wildfire about new lines and locations to consumers all over the world. This innovation put nations with leading economies in very similar fashion “worlds”.

Right now in these nations, luxury seems to be the “now”. Luxury is IN fashion. Ever since reality T.V. came into play, along with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, our obsession with celebrity has hit an all time high. Consumers have become so obsessed with wanting to look like celebrities. People are focused on having the same possessions as their favorite celebs. It is difficult to predict if this obsession will simmer down sometime in the near future. It seems that with new technology, this focus on the lavish lifestyle will only escalate.

Louis Vuitton flagship store in Japan

Louis Vuitton flagship store in Japan


2 thoughts on “What’s In Fashion

  1. It’s interesting that you bring up celebrities for being in fashion. I feel like the celebrities we emulate here in America are different than the ones they emulate in Europe and Asia. I definitely think luxury is in fashion regardless of your location though.

  2. What is the difference between countries sharing the same fashion and being influenced and inspired by other cultures? Are fashion brands the same thing as fashion?

    Are “luxury” and “fashion” newly linked terms? Or is “luxury” our connotation of “fashion”?

    Fashion across cultures is not a new concept, although the speed and uniformity may be. Historically, “modernization” was equated with conforming to “Western” culture, which frequently meant adopting their fashions, Peter the Great was famous in the eighteenth century for adopting western European clothing. Take a look at a pinterest board which has collected pictures and art which show western fashion in Japan. (https://www.pinterest.com/heileen/western-fashion-in-japan-1860s-1930s/)

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