Is it all just a facade?

Yesterdays discussion got me thinking about luxury materials and the current state of our economy. After the crash of 2008 most people started being more conservative with their money, they stopped obsessing with the fads and focusing of good quality classics that will last them a lifetime. Now 7 years later and we still have this trend of only paying the high price tag for wardrobe staples and paying very little for things that will come and go. However, like mentioned in class these classic’s have been slightly altered. We’re now seeing more luxury materials like gold accents, leather bags, and natural fiber sweaters such as wool or cashmere. These high quality materials whether real or quality imitation are everywhere despite the fact that our economy is still in a recession. Is it possible that people are using these materials to appear as though they have a high social standing even though most of the country is still struggling financially? I think so! I think that people want others to believe that they were unaffected by the recession and so they are using these items to create a facade. People like to flaunt their wealth, even when they don’t have anymore than the person standing next to them on the subway. I like to call this the “Gatsby effect”. Everyone wants to live these lavish lifestyles that supposedly existed in the past but these lifestyles don’t really exist anymore, they are a thing of the past that has been romanticized by future generations. When in fact most of those lifestyles were achieved through illegal and unethical deeds. There are very few people who build an enormously large fortune legally and ethically with very little work and are able party and flaunt their wealth.


One thought on “Is it all just a facade?

  1. Following that argument – isn’t all “fashion” a facade? What is “fashion” and “luxury”? How do we measure wealth and status? If our history has shown us that those who obtained wealth and power did so unethically, has that actually changed?

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