Fashion through TV

GLOBAL:Claire's white dotted shirt on Modern Family

We are surrounded by media, and therefore we are surrounded by fashion through the media. I watch a lot reality tv shows. These shows are always promoting some kind of fashion, clothes, cars, houses, lifestyle etc. What surprises me is that these reality shows are not the only shows promoting fashion. Regular TV shows have their stars wearing new clothes every episode or even more than one look in one episode, even though the characters are supposed to have little to no money.

There are actually websites where you can find out everything about the clothes that are worn on you favorite tv shows. I googled it when I saw a sweater that I really liked on a TV show and wondered if there was a website to look at the clothes that they wear on TV. One is called worn on tv and the other shop your tv where you can pick a tv show, maybe an episode or just a character and BOOM you have the link to the store that sells their clothes and can see how much they cost.

Jess's dark denim dress with beaded collar on New GirlYou are just sitting at home not looking at clothes, just watching you´re favorite TV show and then you see all those wonderful clothes and accesories and even if you don´t know it, you´re brain is taking it all in and it might have an influence on your style or what you buy next time you go shopping. After I started thinking about this I looked at my clothes and some of my favorite ones are actually quite similar to the fashion that is worn on my favorite TV shows, not the reality tv shows though because they have more of an expensive taste, which I can not afford.


If I look at Icelandic media I can´t really find anything like this, at least nothing on TV shows since we don´t have a lot of Icelandic TV shows to choose from. But I think Facebook is one of the biggest media outlets in Iceland because everyone is on there and sharing tips, blogs, pictures and ect. Also most designers and fashion bloggers are on there to get followers and get their product out in front of our eyes which I guess is what the TV shows are doing for designers also. As a designer you have to make people want your product to be able to sell it, so making it visible on famous TV shows is probable one of the most effective ways to make people see the product and like it and thus create the WANT.

But in conclusion I think that I am more influenced by the global then the local, how about you?


2 thoughts on “Fashion through TV

  1. I think it’s so amazing how a tv show can have so big influence on people around the world, without the people even knowing. It’s really good though that some people are aware of it, but this is a brilliant idea for people who are trying to sell something. In my opinion it goes the same way with music. When I’m watching a tv show that plays a good song, I google the episode (Girls, Shameless, etc.) and there are sites that show me the songs on the show, and it sells.

  2. Great points! I know some of my fashion influences comes from the various BBC shows I love! What other factors, think of the zeitgeist map, are a part of this influence?

    This may play out differently with the URI students, are there certain shows that influence your fashion decisions? Our country is so big, are shows produced on the other country “local”?

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