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What I really took away from the discussion yesterday was how few designers were on our fashion influences “people” list. Literally just Karl Lagerfeld. We’ve talked about how the role of the designer may one day be completely replaced by a design team but I did not realize how quickly this idea was becoming true. The whiteboard list clearly shows how influenced we are by celebrities. But who are the celebrities influenced by? They’re influenced not only by each other, and their stylists, but ultimately the designers as well. So is it that the designers are no longer important to the public or that they are just behind the scenes? And if they are no longer important to us (the public) is it our choosing or is this part of the fashion industries agenda?


2 thoughts on “Fashion Now

  1. I think the questions you pose are right on point. Personally I think the public has lost an appreciation for the talent that these legendary designers have. I think design teams are developing because the up and coming designers don’t want to take the risk of starting their own buisness and failing. The ones that do succeed want to be involved in every area of the fashion industry and cannot run these large design houses by themselves, which is why they hire other designers to work for them. This kind of reminds me of a “ghost writer” which is when another journalist writes something that is offically creditted to another writer. Except in this case, design teams are really just “ghost designers”, they give all the credit to whoever’s name is on the label.

  2. Maybe the celebrity stylists are who we are really imitating, are they the people changing fashions?

    Considering the expectations that we have on the turnaround time for fashion, is it surprising that a single person does not succeed? If you look at what is accomplished by designers and brands every year, it seems impossible for any individual to produce products on that scale!

    There seems to be a lot of “power behind the throne” happening in fashion, in the design houses and the celebrities we follow.

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