Blog 3 The local fashion and the global fashion in media

Fashion, fashion today! The influences for fashions runs fast through the media and the internet today in the form of news, blogs and shows, as well as in magazines both made of paper and on the internet . We can read news about fashion both in the newspaper and on the internet .

We can do all kinds of shopping, including buying clothes, through the internet When I opened this web page I noticed the name of my country Iceland in the upper left corner. So it seems to me now that we in Iceland are in the global, or this is maybe just an advertisment shown to me because I’m located in Iceland, I really don’t know.

Global and local, global or local, which is what in media?

In my blog global vs local  is the glamour at Grammys vs the wool in Iceland.

Quickly thinking, I think that global fashion is the fashion that the big famous designers abroad bring out to the world through the media as well on stages which actually is also a special “world” within the world

The local fashion is the fashion seen on the streets in each town or country and the stuff or clothes come from the people who live there, as well as from the local designers. People on the street can be the local trendsetters without knowing it. The fashion runs through the internet, facebook, imstagram and other social media. Through different web pages by bloggers, from the designers and other users of the internet. I also think that global and local fashion overlap in some way, they run together and split as well.

jean-paul-gaultier-couture-spring-2015-760x1141 á síðu higlight in Reykjavík

I found Kim Kardashians Grammy dress when I was looking at “Highlight of Reykjavík “

Maybe the global fashion gets its influences from fashion on the street, in the city and local fashion its influences from the big famous designers in the media. The media goes fast and it brings information throughout the world both by messages that we hardly remember after we read or see it and more interesting messages that we cannot forget. Here I refer that to MaLuhans article “ The media is the message.”

Oh boy!! I’m lost in this web media fashion traffic. I’m not a follower of any fashion web page yet, but I think I will work on it.  I’m on facebook and often go there to see what is happening there.

Yesterday, on February 9. 2015, when I opened my facebook page the first thing I saw were forty one pictures from the Grammys and the fashion was grand as usual when prices for films / music are being awarded. Now, the day after, it has disappeared and what do I remember or what influences will it have on my mind? I remember Madonnas show, Kim Kardashian kissing her husband Kanye West and some other actresses in close fitted dresses with very long necklines, to their waste or longer. Referring to McLuhans article, the media is the message and we get some information without noticing it.

Global fashion. I started to look at other web pages, pictures and videos from the Grammys on  February 8. 2015 on the internet. Yes, I did find the pictures I saw yesterday and they are from the red carpet. This is haute couture, the dresses are from big designer names and the haute couture shows in Paris a week ago. The clothes are fantastic and this is what I use for global fashion in the media in this blog. Here are some examples.


“Madonna in Givenchy haute couture by Riccardo Tisci”

“Madonna has had her fair share of Grammy outfits, and this year’s didn’t disappoint. Her look, made by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy was something of a Moulin Rouge ensemble, including a very tight leather corset, tight high boots and a net hat.”

This is one of the magazine we can look at on the internet:


“Iggy Azalea in Armani Prive”

“This dress was custom made for Igg Azalea by Armani Prive which may explain the flawless fit. Whilst the dress is pretty spectacular in itself we applaud Iggy’s choice of hairstyle which is a nice contrast from all the high ponytails and boho waves.”


“Riahnna in Giambattista Valli couture”

“Rihanna plucked this dress right off the catwalk from last week’s haute couture shows in Paris. Everything about it from the colour to the sheer volume adds to the dramatic impact that makes it the perfect choice for Rihanna.”


“Kim Kardashian in Jean Paul Gaultier”

“Debuting a newly cropped hairdo, Kim Kardashian and her new found passion for high fashion opted for Jean Paul Gaultier. It’s low cut (standard Kim) and the slightly oversized fit is actually working for her.”

“Nicole Kinicolekidmandman in Thierry Mugler”

“Nicole Kidman likes to toe the line when it comes to her sartorial choices. This Thierry Mugler dress was no different, safe but nothing spectacular.”


Shops on the internet:


“Beyonce in Proenza Schouler”

“Beyonce looks every inch the reigning Queen of pop in this black less low-neck gown. Black embroidered lace is clearly a trend for the evening, it would have been nice to see Beyonce in something a little more original.”


“Miley Cyrus in Alex Vauthier”

“Miley Cyrus was surprisingly covered up in this black design which is actually rather modest for the popstar but naturally had a few raunchy cut-outs.”

gwenstefani“Gwen Stefani in Atelier Versace”

“Gwen Stefani proved that it is possible to look formal in something other than a floor length gown in this jumpsuit made by Atelier Versace.”


”Ciara in Alexandre Vauthier Couture.”

“Is it a bird, is it a plane? No but it’s alot of fabric. There’s way too much going on here, the volume of fabric and the train overwhelm Ciara.”


“Rita Ora in Prada”

“A glamorous look for Rita Ora even it’s so bright you can’t actually look right at it. A little too disco ball perhaps.”


“Katharine McPhee in Pucci”

“The American singer was a breath of fresh air on a red carpet dominated by black and white gowns, in this salmon pink Pucci gown.”

gwynethpaltrow“Gwyneth Paltrow in Saint Laurent”

“Amongst a sea of black and silver sequins, Gwyneth Paltrow’s shiny red mini dress is refreshingly different, adding some much needed colour to the event.”

Shops on the internet:

giuliana“Giuliana Rancic”

“E! news presenter Giuliana Rancic made her entrance in a sheer panel jumpsuit, which she swiftly told viewers she couldn’t wear underwear with, in case you were wondering.”


“Lady Gaga in Brandon Maxwell”

“Lady Gaga may be in a sparkly silver gown with low neckline and a thigh high split but for Gaga this look is really rather ordinary.”

Now some local clothing in the media.

For local fashion I for example looked for “Icelandic street fashion” and “Icelandic designers” on the internet. I found several, some I recognized and some pictures of people on the street


Factory knitted and popular desgin from Iceland.

On my facebook I often see knitted clothes and I think this is local.Two  examples from my facebook.

A handknitted dress.


A handknitted sweater.

Examples from Reykjavík street fashion 2012 (sorry I could not find new sampules but I think it fits in to day, 2015).



“Margrét, 21”

”I’m wearing a second hand jacket, dress and pants by Mundi and a bag from Nepal. I like to mix  second hand with unique pieces from Icelandic designers.”–


“Veronique, 26”

”I just bought my bag in Eva store here in Reykjavik. My scarf is Madewell, the shirt from American Apparel, the rest is vintage.”


“Olga 32”

“I love Icelandic fashion. Aftur is my favourite fashion brand. It’s colourful, happy,comfy and their clothes are made of recycled materials.”


“Tinna, 24”

“I like fur, colours and second hand. Second hand is cheaper and with it it’s easier to create your own style.”–

To use for local fashion in media I looked on the internet for the newest stuff in  Reykjavík or in Iceland. I found two events, “Design March” and “Reykjavik fashion festival”, which are coming soon: Events in Iceland 2015

“DesignMarch is Iceland´s most important design event. For four days, Reykjavík plays host to hundreds of openings, exhibitions, workshops and events spreading across the city.”


“The cream of Icelandic fashion talent has joined forces with bright sparks on the music scene.”

3 thoughts on “Blog 3 The local fashion and the global fashion in media

  1. It is interesting to note that the Grammys, an American awards show, are considered as an example of global fashion, and almost all of the examples provided are French and Italian. What does this mean about global fashion? What does it mean to be global?

    For TMD424 – What does it mean to have American fashion? The Icelandic students all point to wool and reuse, can we create similar patterns of style? If not, why?

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