Reality T.V Doesn’t Have an Age

The Zeitgeist map brought to my attention that reality T.V people are big influencer’s in fashion especially because its a cheap way to reach a broad and diverse audience. At the same time these Figures of reality T.V are influenced themselves by fashion designers. It’s not clear still who is really the influencer here.


2 thoughts on “Reality T.V Doesn’t Have an Age

  1. I think the people in those reality shows are creating an identity, a special persona to sell their image, their brand. They act on the show like they want people to perceive them, as tough or stylish or whatever. To be thought of as stylish is probably then to wear clothes that are made by famous designers, clothes that get recognized by the people they want to impress. Then they get followers and start promoting special designers and even start their own brands, clothing lines and etc.
    So maybe they start out being influenced by the elite, the high couture and then when they get a reputation and fame they can start having an influence themselves, wether it is for their brand or someone elses.
    I also think that the designers that back some of them up (like the Kardashians for example) know that their tv shows are reaching a big fan base and if they do well they will be a good endorsement for their product and so they give them the product for free to influence them into wearing their clothes on the show.

  2. Does fashion only go one way? It seems to me that with the speed of communication we might all be interlinked in new ways, can we follow the paths?

    Do we not all create an identity with the clothing and style choices we make? Is it more obvious because the image of reality stars are more stylized? Or because they are easy to see?

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