Here and Now

Wether we like it or not reality television is a big part of our generation. We all have either watched it ourselves or have heard about it. One of my room mates refuses to follow any of the Kardashians on social media because she can not stand them however they are constantly coming up in her feed on twitter, instagram and Facebook. During our discussion today in the first list we created reality tv was mentioned. In the second list Kim Kardashian was mentioned twice as well as her two sisters Kendal and Kylie Jenner who were each mentioned a few times. In a list of about 15 names, reality television stars were a very high majority. I found it very interesting that the topic of when reality television will be “out” came up because with these people so popular today it is hard to ever imagine them being not so relevant. Reality television glamorizes a not so private life. Maybe in a way our fascination with reality television has some sort of connection with our constant posting and blogging on social media. We all follow these stars and watch them on television we have become more accustom to a world lacking privacy. I could pull up my instagram feed and be able to tell you what 90% of my instagram followers did this weekend and half of them I do not even know personally. We may not want to admit it but we are a generation craving attention and I think this does have to do with all the celebrities bringing so much attention upon themselves. I would say a trend that is in here and now is broadcasting yourself and wanting to be recognized. People post a picture on instagram and get excited about how many likes they get or how many followers they have. My question for the future is what will be next? To think that this may be going out is so odd however the fact that is may be going out soon is also refreshing. Although relating reality television and our love for social media may be a little extreme I think in a way they do go together.


One thought on “Here and Now

  1. As a comment on how prevalent reality stars are – I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of the Kardashian clan, but I know an alarming amount about them because of how much influence and visibility they have!
    I wonder how much of the power of reality TV and reality celebrities is connected to the “American Dream” (anyone can be anything, something from nothing, etc.) Do we see other countries having a similar culture?

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