Fashion in Media

Depending on your role in the media what you wear is intended to send a different message.  Sometimes your image represents more than just your personality but an outside entity as well.  In terms of local/world news, entertainment news, and talk shows, they all represent different form of media that target different audiences.  Members of the first group tend to be more reserved, wearing suits, tailored looks and blouses so that they do not distract the viewer from the important stories.  The second group, can have more of an edge, because their audience expects to see/hear about whats happening in pop culture or celebrity news.  The third group, depending on the talk show falls somewhere between the two, professional but still fashion forward.   The following photos from left to right are a local news team, Giuliana Rancic from E news and Oprah Winfrey.  Each type of show is selling a different message therefore require different looks.  For Entertainment news and talk shows, the hosts are usually part of the sale therefore they need to attract the audience with flash.

news team giuliana oprah-winfrey-wears-victoria-beckham-to-the-2010-womens-conference__oPt


One thought on “Fashion in Media

  1. How do the styles worn in each of these groups affect fashion? Do these people influence or follow fashion? What other factors might influence their dress decisions?

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