The Small Screen is the New Big Screen….

On Thursdays class Dr. Aspelund talked about how his grandmother used to go see movies for fashion inspiration. Well, I think that today we no longer look to the “Big Screen” for fashion inspiration, not because film is a thing of the past but because the industry is too fast paced. When a movie is released the fashions that the actors are wearing are at least a year old. People now look to their televisions for fashion guidance. Every week its like your own personal fashion show based off of what shows you find most intriguing. For, example the popular teen show Pretty Little Liars is known for the fashions featured on the main characters.

Within hours of the premiere of the episode you can go online and find the exact clothing items or something incredibly similar to what was featured on the episode. You can find these items almost everywhere from Pinterest, to fashion magazine websites, to websites dedicated to just finding those particular items.

Fashion is no longer set by the few and privileged, it is now controlled by the masses on their smartphones, tablets, and computers.  It has moved from something that changes slowly to something that changes almost instantaneously. Therefore the “Big screen” has become almost irrelevant when it comes to fashion, unless it is set in the future. To understand the “now” we must look to our small screens whether they are TVs, laptops, tablets, or smart phones.


4 thoughts on “The Small Screen is the New Big Screen….

  1. I really like your post because I never really thought about how fashion specifically as a message can be transmitted so rapidly in media without it being on something like a blog or YouTube account. Fashion is used as a tool in television shows to aid in telling the story and not only do you get that aspect but also the aspect of celebrity because of the actors involved. So unlike movies fashion in television can still go through a media channel where it is “polished” and put on a celebrity but then it can reach an audience quickly as well. The power of television shows are also huge today as most carry along with them a cult audience who tune in every week or binge watch on Netflix.

    You mentioned how people can see the characters on tv and then go out and buy what their wearing instantly. This has become true to the point that there are retailers collaborating with the shows and putting out garments entirely based on the shows and their characters. Two examples I found are below, one from the show Scandal collaborating with The Limited and the other from Pretty Little Liars collaborating with Aeropostale.

  2. Very interesting post and comment! I had not seen these collaborations – very interesting! Always something new to take in… But again, the point that Samantha is making is well seen in these collaborations. (I can’t remember a similar thing happening, but it must have, no?)

  3. I agree with you that we are now looking at the “small screen” for fashion ideas and inspiration. These days shows are so fashion forward sometimes i watch them just to see what the actors are wearing, Another great fashion show was gossip girl. I remember when it was on TV my friends and I would try to dress exactly like them.

  4. This is a great post to read in addition to yearsun’s “Yes Lady Mary…” post! Are there other factors (perhaps in boxes on the zeitgeist map) that influence what is happening?

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