Fashion In The Media

This sort of relates to my last blog post but I believe the media has a huge impact on the fashion world. There is a variety of different types of media such as social media or just regular television and talk shows. We are constantly surrounded by the media all day every day. Even when you are grocery shopping and checking out, you will see magazine covers with celebrities influencing fashion all over them. I think the media plays a huge roll in fashion simply because if celebrities are seen wearing a certain style, people that look up to that person will want to purchase something similar. Yes, in the past the fashion world did fine without the media but in a way, I think the media helps the fashion business in getting the word out about certain styles, fashions and designers. blake-lively-vogue-february-2009-02


2 thoughts on “Fashion In The Media

  1. I think it’s interesting you chose a Vogue with Blake Lively on the cover, considering she was on one of the television shows that was known for its highlight of fashion!

  2. What would our world be like without the constant stream of what celebrities are wearing? You say that the fashion world was fine without media – without what type of media? When did the “fashion world” begin?

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