Fashion in Media: Speeding up Fashion

The media has sped up the consumption of fashion through offering individuals the opportunity to consume style visually as well as physically.  People are bombarded with visual representations of fashion everyday through television, the internet, newspapers, social media, etc.  So in this aspect media has sped up fashion, we’ve all seen everything and are always ready and waiting for what’s coming up next.  There is no longer any time to settle in to one style or look that a group might find appealing instead we’re all moving at a fast pace through what media and influecers are telling us to wear.  A lot of the media we are exposed to is self inflicted as well.  We may follow a fashion brand on Facebook or Instagram to get a look at what that brand is deeming stylish at the moment, so essentially we are constantly surrounded by fashion symbols and messages in media whether its been done intentionally or not.

In regards to physical consumption of fashion I mean actually buying clothes and accessories, which media has also sped up.  We get commercials, YouTube videos, internet ads not only telling us what to buy but where to go to get it.  They tell us how easy and fast it is to obtain their products and why we need them.  Our constant exposure to all forms of media and messages of consumption lends itself to the fast fashion identity that has become synonymous with not only American but global culture.  I think this also has to do with the fact that constant visual consumption of fashion through media leads to consumers’ exposure to more styles.  So because we are constantly seeing more and more styles we may feel that we need to keep up and get these things every time we take notice of them in media.


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