fashion in Media

What I have come to learn from fashion in media is that ashion and its styles have no boundaries. Whether it is a baggy garment with many layers or a tight erotic outfit with minimum to no fabric at all.  This is seen on television and in media a lot.  Celebrities and people on television usually have a high income and a fan base to influence.  What they wear influences their followers. Celebrities are seen in media all the time and they are not at all afraid to bend the rules or cross lines when it comes to their clothing. Some of the best occasions in which crazy or very obscure and different outfits are being worn by public figures in the media are during large public events like the Grammy’s or the Golden Globes.  Here, the styles and garments of celebrities who attend are always studied and either copied or talked about in excess for weeks to follow. So what I conclude from these events and public figures is that they love to expand fashion and wear jaw dropping and eye opening garments that are new and different even if they may not be as publicly accepted is society. Lots of times, this brings negative attention upon them but other times it becomes a sensation to the public. Either or, I have come to believe that celebrities do not really care and will still wear whatever it is that they want no matter what the occasion and who the audience may be.  Below are some pictures or outfits worn by figures in public during large scale events and performances. You be the judge!miley Prince T Swiftyy Theres-no-point-playing-it-low-key-when-youre-on-on-stage presenter-nominee-jennifer-lopez-shows-off-her-latest-fashion-42nd-annual-grammy-awards-los


3 thoughts on “fashion in Media

  1. You know, if I was a celebrity I would also wear crazy outfits that shock people. Like you said, sometimes it’s expected of them. I don’t think I would go as far as to wear a dress made of meat, like Gaga but I’d definitely pull a Miley Cyrus. Even though celebs are always watched and judged, I feel like they have a freedom to be crazy and to experiment with clothes, hair…everything. I think that the public is not as forgiving to regular people. It’s a reality that celebs get a pass when it comes to fashion or breaking the law.

  2. “…only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.” (Oscar Wilde, from Picture of Dorian Gray.) It’s a very competitive world, and with so many forms of media blasting our awareness, celebrities need to be outrageous to keep our attention. Celebrities might be wearing the crazy clothes, but who is making them?

  3. I’d bet that personal stylists and designers are making them. These celebrities are so rich that I am positive all their outfits are custom made to fit perfectly. They also probably only wear them once and then move on to another design since they can afford it. But celebs definitely have personal stylists and designers.

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