Fashion and media

More than ever media and fashion are strongly connected with one another. All media including social media, television, movies and magazines are surrounded with fashion. One of my favorite ways to look at new styles and trends is to look at blogs from people all over the world. I personally love London street style but I am not always in London to see this is person so social media helps me with that. I am able to go on pinterest or instagram and see bloggers from London posting pictures of their style. Media also has a huge role in the fashion world because of celebrities. Some celebrities get paid to show their lives in media so people like me who are constantly on social media are looking at these people and getting style inspiration from them. Media helps be a lot with fashion because I am able to stay connected to the fashions in different parts of the world.

This picture taken in London posted on a street style blog.



3 thoughts on “Fashion and media

  1. I agree with you that celebs do get paid and looked at specifically just to display their styles publicly like Kim Kardashian for instance. I am interested to hear about what other parts of the world you get your inspiration from? Countries have different styles and colors that are used more so than others. Do you have a second favorite place beside London that inspires your wardrobe? Blogs are great because they are free. Lets hope they stay that way!

  2. The internet has really helped our generation keep up with styles around the world for limited to no price at all. It would be crazy with no internet. People would actually have to go to other countries and get first hand inspiration for themselves. But if you think of it, that is actually the best way!

  3. How does self-posting street style affect what we see here? Think about style from places you’ve visiting vs. what is being posted on fashion blogs from the same area, how accurate is that blogging/social media snapshot?

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