Constant visibility

The influences from all sorts of media have probably more impact on people who are online alot and active at all the social media. Students I think are very large group of that people because they work mostly on their computers and use the internet alot. Just while I’m writing this I have Facebook open where I get regular news feed from various fashion designers or shops, both foreign and Icelandic, who’s pages I have liked. There I can also see regular information of some new design purchase some of my Facebook friends have decided to share with the world or just I see pictures of those friends where I can see their outfits or accessories. It is often that these outfits my Facebook friends have on are similar or the same to the outfits I can see from the designer and/or shop like pages. The fashion travels really fast between the designer and buyer today because of internet media of all kinds and I think fashion magazines have lost their status to spread the word of the latest fashion because it has already been published on the internet. The magazines you can buy in shops maybe just verify the things in fashion, you have already seen on the internet either on the magazines websites, on social media or news media. So maybe the magazines are bought for the articles and not as a tool to see the latest fashion like was popular before the internet explosion on the world. Most magazines have their own website and/or some kind of social media page, where they publish “teasers” of the content of each magazine. So today it is not just enough to send the magazines to the shops, they have to constantly remind people of themselves so they don’t drown in all this information flood that flows over all media each day. The same could be said about designers. All have to be visible all the time or else they will be forgotten. – Homepage of the Vanity Fair magazine. Lots of teasers of what can be found in the magazines. – Facebook page of MAN Magasín fashion and human existence in Iceland. – Homepage of Vogue magazine. Interesting to see the window that pops up when you go to the page, offering you to register for instant emails to get news of fashion, culture and beauty daily.

Constant news feed is important!


One thought on “Constant visibility

  1. Great points! Where do we go from here? How does this affect the designer’s final projects? Do they stick to safe ideas or lean towards the outrageous?

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