Fashion in Media

So much can be said about fashion in media. We discussed the benefits that media brings to fashion, as well as the other side, in which media harms fashion. I think that media harms the creative process of fashion because it dictates what’s in-fashion and what’s out-of-fashion. Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest actually show you what you should wear, so when you plan your next day outfit, the pin you saw is in the back of your head. You wear to match what you see on social media. I love oversized sweaters and once I no longer see them on Instagram I’m going to be reluctant to wear them because I’ll feel dated. If there was no social media showing us what to wear daily, people would create their own fashion.


4 thoughts on “Fashion in Media

  1. This is very true. All those social media affect our thinking even though we don’t take special notice in it and just scroll through it, it still sinks in and like you said affects us when we pick out our next outfit. It has happened to me more than once and more than twice that I put something in the back of my closet because something, probably the influence from social media, websites and society, has seeped into my thinking and changed my view of that garment, that maybe I used alot at the time. In the back it goes but after some time I find it again and it matches the things I see as a trend in social media so I start to use it again. Finding it somehow very cool again. It is somewhat uncomfortable realizing that outer influences control our thoughts so much.

  2. I completely agree with what you are saying. If we didn’t have the media, how would we know what is in style and what people are wearing? Then again, before the media people figured it out. So I am on both sides of fashion and the media. In a way, I believe that the media definitely helps the fashion world in the sense that people are following what they see in the media. But then again, people aren’t able to have their own personal styles because of this. I believe this is a very controversial thing because their are two strong sides to this.

    • Well, how would we? There was a mention of the “public sphere” in class on Thursday. If our media experience and internet life is now our “public sphere” would we go back to… what, if it went away? (But, of course, it won’t go away. There will be a “next thing” – what will that be?)

  3. What do you mean by “before the media?” Before modern internet/tv/fast fashion? Before Instagram? There have been fashion plates and magazines readily available since the 1800s, magazines spread and reinforced fashion trends in the 1900s. So what are we talking about here when we discuss “media”?

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