Fashion in Media

Technology has changed the world of fashion. Media has globalized fashion and opened many doors for the industry. Those who say fashion is dead are sadly mistaken. Fashion is not dead; the world of fashion has just changed due to modern day technology and media sources. Fashion brands can now promote themselves on a much larger scale. American brands can very quickly and easily show Japan, Australia, and France their newest line of clothing and vise versa using different forms of social media. Media has helped new styles and brands go from local to global at an extremely fast pace. Because of this, many companies that started small and local now have globalized their manufacturing due to the fact that they need to be able to produce mass amounts of clothing for low prices at the quickest rate possible. This high demand is good news for American fashion brands.

Fashion blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook are the most popular social media sites that allow fashion from all over the world to be seen by consumers from all over the world. This innovation might be slowly killing the publishing industries such as fashion magazines and newspapers, but it certainly is not killing the world of fashion. If anything, it seems that media is making the world of fashion even bigger and better.

Here are a few links to fashion blogs and sources for fashion information:

Here are some photos from around the world posted on Pinterest and Tumblr:

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2 thoughts on “Fashion in Media

  1. Interesting take on it. We’re clearly in a state of some kind of transition. I like the idea of “better”… Better for whom? Better how? (Or even “why?”) So you’re saying that the “Democratization of fashion” is an improvement. I’ll show you later in the term articles by people who are fuming at this. They can’t stand the idea of it becoming a game everyone can play. It’s quite amazing….

  2. The demand for fast fashion also impacts those at the bottom of the textile industry – we want everything fast and cheap. How does the drive and the speed affects those who make the garments?
    Traditional paper media might be fading away, but how has their transition to the internet and social media interacted with fashion? Think about magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, or

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