Zeitgist Analysis 2

I want to focus more on how the media influences fashion and our society. Every day we are surrounded by media whether it be the television, social media (twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc.) so we are bound to want to follow in foot steps of celebrities we see on these outlets. I always find myself on social media or watching TV judging what that person is wearing and I think everyone does that without even thinking about it first. For example, Kim Kardashian is now a huge fashion icon. Her and her sisters have their own clothing line being sold in stores and they even have their own boutiques in select cities (DASH). The Kardashians are literally everywhere in the media, you will most likely never see a magazine without one of them in it whether it be on what their wearing or just a simple picture of them. As we observe the media, we are also absorbing information on certain styles that we like. Everyone does it, once we see fashion icons wearing something it becomes a trend because everyone wants to look a certain way or as I said before, follow in the steps of celebrities or people that we look up to each and every day. kim-kardashian-300


2 thoughts on “Zeitgist Analysis 2

  1. I wonder… Do the Kardashians actually influence fashion, as such, or are they just traveling inside the fashion world, somehow and influencing the “feel” of it? (The Zeitgeist itself, as it were.) I’m not sure I’ve thought this through, but it’s like a very popular and highly visible boy-band of some kind, that isn’t actually influencing the music, but is influencing the “world” of pop music, by perpetuating a certain image…. Hmmmm…

  2. Continuing that thought – to influence fashion do their choices need to proceed the trend? Are the Kardashians picking up trends that have other influencing factors? Do we see imitations of what they are wearing in any of our fast fashion stores?

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