Zeitgeist analyses II

When filling out my analyses sheet I was very concious of Icelandic design and designers. I wrote down Jör an icelandic design house that is doing great things and also normcore

wich I think describes icelandic fashion quite well, lazy, comfortable and practical attire. Local and natural is also something that is very popular, being good to the self and the environment is so in, shops are opening with unpacked food and stores that provide a wholesome service for both body and soul like Systrasamlagið. This is all something that has been affirmed by the social media that I follow or I might just be noticing it more because I am looking and thinking about it. After each class I see something that has a reference to what we talked about, especially on facebook. Like yesterday we talked about bloggers and how influential they are and where they get the money and in the evening I came upon an nude magazine article about what and how big known bloggers earn. And here is a Jared Leto normcore yoga nature picture for you, oh so Lumbersexual (takk berglind 🙂 ).



3 thoughts on “Zeitgeist analyses II

  1. How has “normcore” become an identifiable trend? How does it interact with some of the other trends we’ve identified?

  2. Hello, My name is Adam and i found your post about Iceland very interesting. Some comparisons here in USA is that we are trying hard to make clothing and shopping better for the environment and more “green” as well by using eco friendly shopping bags and less waste. Also, smart cars and electric powered vehicles are starting to become more widely spread reducing the amount of gas and toxins being used. What was also Interesting is the lazy and baggy style you stated that is popular in Iceland. I did not know that was the case. I believe that in USA people are trying more to wear tighter and slimmer silhouettes more form fitting like in Europe. There are still plenty of sweat pant wearers and other leisure clothing but definitely an interest in slimmer jeans and shirts!

  3. The “normcore” idea makes perfect sense to me – although I didn’t see it coming in fashion… (It was showing up in film: “Garden State,” “Little Miss Sunshine” and maybe in music for a while, although I have to think about that…) But this opt-out method is pretty much exactly what we might have expected, if we had started to wonder about this a couple of years ago: Not an “anti-fashion” not a “counter-culture,” but a “non-fashion,” or “un-fashion” movement. Of course… Given the impossibility of being either fashionable or unfashionable, the only place to go is to be NON-fashionable. ( Ah well….) Let’s keep an eye on this, methinks. (The whole world folds in on itself…)

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