Adam Zeitgeist 2

To support my first post about Zeitgeist I will use an example of Sports.  After a sports event, during the press conference players from both teams will be interviewed and asked questions about the games. However, this is after they have showered and cleaned up and put on their outfits.  Millions of people see these professional idols of theirs wearing rich and very high quality clothing or it may be sweatpants and a hoodie. Either or, the fascination with the individual player will cause their fans to want to copy their clothing and even ways of living such as eating or entertainment activities or playing the sport the professional plays.  These athletes like Tom Brady and Lebron James have such a huge influence on society through clothing but through accessories as well like head phones and music they listen to.  The public jumps on these opportunities during personal interviews and press conferences to become more like their idols through these categories. It doesn’t even need to be American professionals.  Neymar, Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo, all amazing professional soccer players overseas get imitated with the cleats they wear and the music they listen to by American all around the country.  Its the fixation with the superstar that causes these actions that correspond to the Zeitgeist map under more than one category.  These figures are also copied with hairstyles, facial hair and attitude as well as clothing.   Brady lebron-james-fake-glasses-and-stragically-placed-headphones ronaldo


4 thoughts on “Adam Zeitgeist 2

  1. Very interesting take on the scene! Does Tom Brady have an endorsement deal with Burberry? I wonder what brands go with the sports world (What is the “sports world” anyway, and where does it overlap with the “fashion world”?)

  2. I do not believe Brady is endorsed by Burberry. Rumors had it of him having an UGG endorsement. He does also have an Under Armor endorsement. That is a good question about what brands go with sports. Basically, every single professional wears a suit to travel to their location of the sporting event. However, once on the field, most professionals are seen in their warm up clothing or team gear usually made by Nike, Adidas, Under Armor etc. This is also the case with college sports. Warm up clothing does had the team logo and name on it but is supplied by a company like the ones mentioned above. As for quality clothing brands it is hard to pinpoint brands and companies to athletes. Bottom line, they all make a fortune so I am guess the suits and jackets are of high luxury quality such as a Burberry or a Brooks Brooks Brothers.

  3. Is the fan adoration the influential factor in the rising popularity of “atheleisure”? Are the brands not known for their sportswear being endorsed by these players also embracing atheleisure?

  4. It is either that or laziness on our part (joke). Leisure athletic clothing is very comfortable to wear and allows easy mobility. Many fans also play the sports of their idols they copy so due to the easy mobility and comfortability of atheleisure clothing, they do wear it as well to practice to imitate their idols. Well it depends. If the unknown sportswear brands that are not used for endorsements do not sell a lot of leisure sports clothing due to the endorsed companies influence on the market then I am guessing they actually try and focus on selling their other categories of clothing that have a higher opportunity of sale by the consumer.

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