Lumbersexual models!

My Zeitgeist analysis was filled with bloggers but that changed a little bit after we talked about in class how people in Iceland are starting to be more creative and making their own clothes, that is kind of the dominating attitude right now in Iceland to be in a state of content. People try to shop more from local shops and markets, they buy their fruit and vegetables straight from the farmers, pinterest is really popular for seeking trendy DIY projects and so on. But it is still the bloggers who are sharing these ideas with the public, most bloggers in Iceland only find interesting things online and then translate them, they don´t even give reference to it most of the time.

In my groups Zeitgeist we talked about Elísabet Gunnarsdóttir as a style leader aswell as Emil í Kríu.

Elísabet is a blogger at and Emil is a well seen model in Iceland, he is everywhere, why? because of his beard! Men models with beards are the hottest thing right now in Iceland!

I think it might be the rise of the lumbersexual, the lumbersexual is the new metrosexual, masculine men becoming more trendy! Women like men with beards and the rugged look of the lumberjack, so that is what sells and those men are becoming the male fashion leaders in Iceland.


In our Zeitgeist we also talked about the sneakers being the fashion look (along with the bearded men). Sneakers always become tredy again and again, I remember these adidas sneakers being the hottest thing when I was maybe 10-14 years old. Now they have made a comeback! I see girls wearing white sneakers everywhere!

Jör is a fashion house in Iceland and I just wanted to end this blog by showing you their newest look, jeans that are bleached halfway. Also notice that he has a male model with a beard!


2 thoughts on “Lumbersexual models!

  1. I think it is very interesting that there is a DIY trend occuring in Iceland. We’ve seen a small trend of it here in the US but not quite as much as you have described in Iceland. It makes me question if this trend could possibly be the direction that our society could moving toward as well. In the next few years perhaps the emphasis will be on small local buisnesses instead of “big business” .

  2. Do you think that the DIY trend, the lumbersexual, and the casual sneakers are all part of the same zeitgeist? Do they overlap? Do they share influential factors?

    @schuld: Do you think the size our our country changes how trends interact?

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